HEED SPA is the first Organic Miami Spa

At Heed Spa we offer all-organic, natural and cruelty-free based products in order to provide the most organic care possible all the while respecting and loving mother earth.

Heed Spa wants to ensure that you have the best service and experience with these outstan­ding restorative treatments.
So please, make time for yourself and allow our team to care for you.


We dedicate ourselves to make your experience with us luxurious and wholesome, prioritizing your concerns and evolving constantly to bring to you up-to-date effective treatments, environmentally sound practices and organic and natural products.
Together with our very committed select therapists, our main goal is to offer you the highest level of therapeutic care, with lasting and proved results, in a non-toxic and very relaxing environment.

The Heed Spa Approach

We approach the day spa experience from the wellness perspective. Every spa treatment incorporates elements that target specific aspects of your wellbeing. In designing our varied spa treatments, we draw from a wide spectrum of knowledge systems, some thousand of years old, some cutting edge. We use aromatherapy, ayurvedic treatments, various massage techniques from traditional massage therapies around the world to the most contemporary body therapies. As a wellness center, we utilize only natural and organic products in our treatments, incorporate the right ammount of technology to create the best spa treatments, and take the biophylic approach, bringing elements from nature to the spa to create a warm, eco-friendly spa, and most enjoyable day spa time.

Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

One of the best gifts you can give is that of wellness. And at Heed Spa Miami Beach there is wellness in all kinds of ways.

You can get Spa Gift Certificate or a Spa Gift Card for a specific treatment, or you can purchase a Gift Certificate or Gift Card for a value and let the recipient decide what to do with it. You can add a gratuity to the Gift Certificate/Gift Card, if you like.

You can have it sent to the recipient by mail, or Heed Spa can keep it for the recipient.

You can purchase the Gift Certificate or Gift Card by phone or in person.


The owner David Neddam is an Osteopathic / Physiotherapist from France with an over 20 years’ experience.
By applying his skills into the spa world alongside highly skilled therapist allows for us to perform non-invasive thera­peutic treatments on our clients.


Our facility offers treatments such as: Massages, Facials, Hydrotherapy, Body Scrubs, and Nail Care for both hands and feet that is evaluated and customized by our outstanding team of therapists.