• Must Wear mask at all time
  • Practice social distancing
  • Maximum 4 people at the boutique
  • The boutique will be disinfectant every 2 hours
  • The payment system will be disinfectant after each customer
  • Sanitizer will be available at front desk


Spa room

  • Room will be disinfected before and after each service
  • Client must wash their Hands inside the Therapy room before the service
  • The Therapist must wash their hands inside the room before and after each service
  • Therapist must wear mask during entire service
  • The therapist will not massage clients head, face or decollete


Locker Room

  • We encourage for every client to take shower before and after the service
  • Practice social distancing
  • Must Wear mask at all time
  • Used robes Towels and Shoes must be place inside in the Hamper


Restroom Sanitation

  • Shower and lockers will be disinfected after every use
  • Toilets will be disinfected every 2 Hours
  • Landry will be washed every hour


Hair Salon

  • Hairdresser must wear mask during entire shift
  • 15-minute break in between each client to sanitize station and tools
  • disinfected salon area at the end of day
  • Sanitize tools, brushes with barbcide after each use
  • After each use capes, apron and towels will be place hamper
  • Couple ( 2 people ) will be allowed in salon area



• 6 ft social distancing
• Sanitizer available
• No body on floor
• No personal chairs
• Use only blue plastique chairs
• Disinfected the chairs after each customer
• Capacity maximum beach set up
• Employee must wear mask during entire shift
• Employees must Sanitize their hands after each service